Our Greyhound Journey

So we passed our home check!

The volunteers from our local Retired Greyhound Trust came with their two dogs Ben and Kim. It was amazing to have two Greyhounds in our house, it really have us a good idea of how big they actually are and easily they’ll fit into our house.

After a long discussion and question & answer session, our garden was checked and theb we were intormed that we’d passed the check and would be contacted by the volunteers at the kennels to arrange our visit.

The visit will include meeting suggested and suitable hounds to fit with our lifestyle, which is an excellent addition to the dog making decision, as they’ll try and match us to suitable dogs before we even get there.

Our kennel visit is booked for 17/09/2017, follow the journey on Instagram @LucyInvestigates 🐶


Our Greyhound adoption journey

I have been in love with the idea of having my own dog for years and years and have been obsessing over dogs and Greyhounds on Instagram for ages.

We’ve finally created an Instagram to allow people to follow our journey and thought I’d add to that by writing this blog post too.

We have contacted our local Retired Greyhound Trust site (Lancashire & Belle Vue), completed an online home questionnaire and have our home check booked for Monday 11th September 2017 at 7pm. The lady completing the home check is also bringing her own Greyhound with her! Which is really exciting! A Greyhound in our house.

Follow the journey on Instagram